Montana Funeral Directors Association

About the MFDA

The MFDA has as its members the vast majority of Montana based mortuaries, morticians, crematories, crematory operators, crematory technicians and private cemetery owners.  As a result, the MFDA represents the interests of funeral service professionals across the great state of Montana. The non-voting associate members of the MFDA consist of business selling funeral goods and services in Montana.

The MFDA provides its members with information and educational opportunities related to the activities of the Board of Funeral Service, the Montana Legislature, funeral service best practices and industry standards and current events related to funeral service occurring both in Montana and throughout the nation. 

The MFDA hosts a Mid-Winter Conference every other year and an Annual Convention and Trade Show each year.  The Annual Convention is also where the MFDA's annual membership meeting is held.  The MFDA Board of Directors, chosen by the membership at its annual membership meeting, meets throughout the year and administers the MFDA's business through its oversight of the executive office. 

The MFDA appreciates hearing from funeral service professionals, funeral service related businesses and the public at large about funeral service related matters.

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