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04 Apr 2017 12:57 PM | Terri James (Administrator)

National Preneed Leaders Unite To Champion Funeral Service.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Precoa (the Preneed Company of America) and The Outlook Group have announced a landmark agreement, coming together to better share the healing power of funeral service with more families nationwide. Precoa’s acquisition of The Outlook Group will unite two of the nation’s leading preneed companies under one name. Both were among the three recently named Preferred Providers for preneed by Selected Independent Funeral Homes.

“We have an opportunity to take what Outlook Group has done really well, what Precoa has done really well, and create something better than the individual parts,” Outlook Group CEO & President Tyler Anderson said. “In the long run, this is going to provide greater opportunity for the people within Outlook Group and Precoa, greater resources for our advanced planners, greater service to our funeral homes, and a better experience for the families they serve.”

Anderson said cultural synergy was a key factor in his decision to bring the thriving companies together.

“What I found in meeting the people of Precoa was a company culture that leads with love, values kindness, values craftsmanship, and is always progressing,” he said. “Outlook Group is proud to be joining Precoa. Ultimately, we are all one family. We are a Precoa family.”

Precoa President Michael Hornibrook said as he learned more about Outlook Group and its leadership, it became clear how their family history of at-need service benefitted their preneed work.

“The first thing that caught my attention was their focus on the families,” Hornibrook said. “They really cared about making sure the family understood the importance of funeral service. That was their priority. They weren’t driven by a commission. They had a higher purpose.”

Precoa’s formal acquisition of The Outlook Group will be finalized in the late spring of 2017. The Franklin, Ohio-based company will continue to serve its 108 funeral home partners, as well as agents and families with the additional support of Precoa’s Portland, Ore. headquarters and integrated ProActive Preneed® system.

Precoa’s exclusive, proprietary insurance product will continue to be backed by NGL's 100+ years of financial strength and stability. The longstanding relationship with the Madison, Wisc.-based mutual company enters its seventh year this spring.

Meanwhile, Outlook Group’s exclusive relationship with Physicians Mutual Insurance Company will transfer fully to Precoa, which becomes the sole marketing partner for Physician Mutual’s preneed insurance division. In business for more than 110 years, Omaha, Neb.-based Physicians Mutual has been funding preneed insurance policies since 2012.


“Looking to the future, the question is how are we going to impact more families and the preneed profession as a whole,” Hornibrook said. “For us, it goes beyond more preneed policies. It’s about those families we serve and the way we do it. It’s educating them about why funeral service is so important.”

About Precoa:

Precoa (the Preneed Company of America) is a national leader in preneed sales and marketing, committed to enriching life through meaningful connection. Precoa partners with leading funeral homes, providing the best resources in preneed with its fully-integrated ProActive Preneed® system to help families across America begin healing following the loss of a loved one. Founded in 2004 by Bret Davis and Mark Hornibrook, Precoa has been headquartered in Portland, Ore. since its inception and employs over 260 employees, plus a network of more than 600 independent preneed agents, nationwide.

About The Outlook Group:

Founded in 1985 by funeral home owner Charles Anderson, The Outlook Group has been headquartered in Franklin, Ohio since its inception and partners with over 100 funeral homes in the Midwest, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic. The Outlook Group leadership have long leveraged their at-need service experience to successfully provide a broad range of preneed, training, and lead generation services to fellow funeral home owners. The company has recorded 32 years of improved preneed sales and training performance in the industry — a record regarded as unmatched in the profession.

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