Membership Descriptions 

FIRM MEMBERSHIP - A mortician or registered intern, licensed by the State of Montana, shall be entitled to receive in behalf of his / her firm, membership in the Association upon payment of dues as set by the Board of Directors. Individually licensed morticians or registered interns who are actively practicing funeral service or mortuary science as employees of a mortuary (firm) within the State of Montana and who seek membership in the Montana Funeral Directors Association must obtain their membership through the firm for which they are employed at the time of application. Firm membership shall not be transferable. Each firm must make an annual dues payment for the firm, based upon the number of cases handled the previous year by the firm, and must make a dues payment for each individual employed by the member firm. All firms receive two votes at the annual membership meeting and must designate at the meeting the individual(s) with authority to cast the two votes. 

NON-FIRM MEMBERSHIP - Individuals who are licensed by the Board of Funeral Service as morticians and who are either not employed by a firm or are doing business in and/or residing in States other than Montana may become Individual Members of this Association. Individual members shall pay dues as determined by the Board of Directors. Individuals may vote at the annual membership meeting, and each individual member’s vote constitutes 1 vote. 

RETIRED MEMBERSHIP - Any individual licensed or formerly licensed as a Mortician, who resides in Montana and who has retired from active employment as a Mortician, but has kept his / her license in effect, and who is a member of this Association at the time of his / her retirement may become a retired member of this Association entitled to all of the membership privileges of an individual of the Association, except he/she may not serve as a member of the Board of Directors or an officer. Retired Members may vote at the annual membership meeting, and each individual member’s vote constitutes 1 vote. 

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Any salesman dealing in wholesale funeral service merchandise, other wholesale service suppliers, members of an allied enterprise or care-giving organization, or any crematory or cemetery owner / operator may become an associate member of this Association. However, any individual or group of individuals who wish to become a member(s) of any of the associate member categories mentioned in this section and who is also an active member of a firm member within the State of Montana as described in Article I, Section 1 must seek membership through that firm before being eligible to become an Associate member. Associate members are not eligible to vote or hold office.

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